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I began my journey by viewing the website for this clinic. My initial appointment was a little uneasy for me because I knew that I was interested in having my front gap fixed, I had been called Sponge Bob for years, but I was nervous that it would not be able to be fixed. Dr. Gimer and his crew treated me as if they knew me personally. They listened to my desires and provided me with options that could fit my budget. Today I smile bigger than I ever have. I now will take the time to engage in longer conversations and not worry if people are staring at my teeth. I would most definitely recommend Iowa Implant and Family Dentistry to family and friends.

– Tabitha Berends-Havens

Very professional and friendly staff. I felt like I was able to participate in the process. My favorite part of my experience was THE RESULTS!.

– Lynne Allbee

I had an excellence experience at Iowa Implant & Family Dentistry. I highly recommend Dr. David Gimer and his staff for all your dental needs. I was given great care during my appointments.

-Kevin Carlson

I had a wonderful experience with a professional and caring staff. Dr. Gimer made me feel comfortable through my whole experience. His expertise in his field is beyond amazing. I loved my end results and the entire experience from start to finish. Happy tears included!

-Mary Anderson

I had serious crowding and was very self-concious about smiling. After Invisalign, I have more self confidence and a lot to smile about! Dr. Gimer and his staff have been amazing!

– Kerrin Jass

I am 67 years old and all my adult life I have been self conscious of my crooked and discolored teeth. When I smiled I tried not to show them. For years I have wanted to do something and after hearing Dr. Gimer’s ad on my local radio station I decided to schedule a consultation. I have had my porcelain veneers for two months now and have never smiled so much!! The transformation was amazing, I feel like a new person. Dr. Gimer is very caring and professional and I would highly recommend him.

-Mary A. P.

I had already had braces when I was younger then my teeth had lost their alignment. The thought of having brackets and wires again seemed unbearable so when invisalign was an option, I didn’t have to think twice. It was so exciting to watch the movement every two weeks and the compliments I was getting were so nice. Looking at the before and after photos, I can’t believe the changes. I am beyond pleased with the results and love my new smile! Thank you Dr. Gimer!

-Jenny S.

Choosing Dr. Gimer and his staff to straighten my teeth with invisalign was one of the best decisions I have made. From the initial consultation they were very professional, caring and flexible. I went there for a consult and they were able to start my treatment that same day due to my school schedule. They went above and beyond in making my experience with invisalign and braces as pain free and easy as possible. They removed my invisalign buttons for my wedding day so I would have a normal smile in the photos. They also worked with my dad’s teeth, so they provided two of the smiles at my wedding. They were understanding and waited 3 weeks to put on my metal braces so I could run the marathon I had been training for, I was at the office just starting treatment when I found out my dad was on the way to ICU with blood clots in his lungs and the whole staff was very supportive. They finished my treatment very efficiently and gave me hugs before sending me to meet my parents at the hospital. They have been like friends and I always look forward to seeing them. I have been living in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area for the past 4 years while working with them and it has been worth the drive to Iowa Falls. I would highly recommend them to any adult or teens looking for a straighter smile or a great dentist.

-Katherine K.

What a change! I didn’t feel like I could justify braces for myself earlier, with all the other family responsibilities, but, of course, now I wish I’d done it sooner. I could not even imagine how much different I would feel about seeing myself in the mirror or in pictures! And that is just about the cosmetic aspect, not to mention how much better my jaw feels with my bite changed, how many fewer headaches I have. Dr. Gimer and his staff are wonderful! They are friendly but always very professional. This has been a very positive experience.

-LeAnn S.

It’s great to be able to eat peanuts, to eat meat without a problem. It’s great! My wife loves my new look! There is not any more that I can say. I am extremely pleased with your kindness and the great service you gave me.
Oh! Can’t figure out how to get floss between my gum and teeth.

-Larry H.

I’ve always been nervous about going to a dentist for I’ve had some not so good experience but Dr. Gimer and his staffs made me forget all these anxieties. Everyone was so professional. I am so thankful I chose Dr. Gimer’s office for my dental procedures. I would highly recommend them to anyone. What I liked best was how relaxed they made you feel, you could jokes, laugh, and feel right at home. Love all of you.

-Lois S.

I have been very satisfied with my dental implant. It has given me no problems and I would recommend it to anyone who is facing an empty spot in their mouth because of a missing tooth. It performs just like your own tooth.

-Janice J.

When I broke my front tooth I was absolutely disgusted. I was worried about so many things at the time, but the biggest concern was my smile. I feared having a weird fake front tooth that didn’t perfectly fit and left gaps and feared the process of getting it done. Although I would love to say the process was easy and painless, it wasn’t. But Dr. Gimer and his staff made it as bearable as possible and made sure I was happy with the results. I am no longer afraid to smile as I am not afraid to show it off. Dr. Gimer and his staff did an excellent job.

-Korey D.

The biggest benefit to having a new implant is finally being rid of a long time problem tooth. Having lived with a tooth with nerve issues for many years I elected to have a root canal done. To my surprise that procedure did not solve the problem and the tooth had to be pulled! Now what? After looking at the options I elected to try an implant with Dr. Gimer. I am very pleased with both the procedure and the result. It was well worth the 40 miles commute from the Cedar Falls area. Dr. Gimer’s staff is very professional and pleasant as well. I couldn’t be more pleased.

-Greg S.

At the age of 54, I had worn a partial for 38 years. Mine was an upper partial with a front tooth attached. I got along with it as well as anyone could. I decided to go with the implant when my partial clasp broke. Looking back, that was the best thing that happened. I have gotten along very well with the implant and would highly recommend it to anybody; especially if it is replacing a partial. Along with the implant, Dr. Gimer also built up the surrounding teeth with composite which greatly enhanced the look and feel of my mouth. With the new implant, my mouth or upper gums are not sore or tender anymore from the partial. It is much easier to floss as my teeth are spaced together tighter and food doesn’t trapped as easy. In closing, I highly recommend a dental implant and also highly recommend Dr. Gimer and his staff. They have my complete trust and confidence.

-Harris R.

P.S. I want to add that for all the work I had done, the charges were very satisfactory. We should feel very fortunate as a community to have Dr. Gimer practicing here. I want to thank the complete staff for taking care of all my dental needs and health.

-Harris R.

My implant surgery in 1990 changed my life. I was one of Dr. Gimers’ 1st implant patients. Prior to surgery I went approx. 20 years without bottom dentures because my plate never fit correctly and would never stay in place. Since my surgery I have been able to enjoy all types of foods. I experienced minimal discomfort from the implant surgery. The procedure was done on a Friday and I returned back to work on a Monday. Regular Oral Hygiene and checkups help to prevent future problems. I would recommend Dr. Gimer to any patient that needs this procedure. He was very thorough and informative.

-Clarence K.

It’s nice to know a person has a dental office to go to to have dentures put in and be able to smile and have teeth that looks real. I was treated with great kindness by Dr. Gimer and his staff. It was a long procedure but well worth it to have dental implants. Now, I can eat better than before. Appreciately,

-Geraldine A.

Being in my forties and dealing with the public, the last thing I wanted was a mouth full of wires. With invisalign I didn’t have to worry about that. Invisalign is so easy to use and care for. You’re able to remove them for better oral hygiene. It’s truly amazing how Invisalign works. Now I’m very happy with my smile.

-Deb W.

Dr. Gimer bought me with the practice in 1983. It has been a very rewarding career for me. I will have to say Dr. Gimer’s desire to grow in many expanded areas of dentistry has been the most rewarding. My husband and I remain very active in our community, therefore I get lots of opportunities to hear nothing but praise and satisfaction for the quality of dentistry he provides his patients, throughtout this community and many surrounding areas.

-Rita A.

I was motivated to seek treatment because of a lifetime of being ashamed of my smile. After hearing Dr. Gimer’s ads on the radio for Invisalign, I knew it was right for me. I was treated very well. The doctor and all of the staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, caring and I was treated with respect. I’m very happy and excited with my progress. I think there are a few things yet to be done but I have been getting compliments on the improvements. It tickles me!

-Jean M., Invisalign Patient

We are so pleased with Tim’s Invisalign. Within 2 years, his teeth look so good – without the “metal mouth” that was an option for him. I’m amazed how fast his teeth straightened and for a 14-15 yr. old boy it was relatively easy. It was nice he could take it out to eat, and brush effectively without wires getting in the way. I would highly recommend Invisalign to anyone.

-Lenee P.

Started going to Dr. Gimer for my dental care years ago. Have had excellent care with every visit. Starting with front desk reception person greeting you with a friendly smile and continues when back in the dental chair with friendly atmosphere. It is reassuring when at Dr. Gimer’s office for routine check-ups or any procedures, with excellent patient teaching from the dental hygienist and also a personal phone call from Dr. Gimer after any dental procedures to see how I was doing. Never had any one call me before from previous dentist I’ve been to. Felt he really care for his patients and their dental care and well being. My husband and I are very happy with our dental care from receptionist to dental assistants, dental hygienist, to Dr. Gimer and have and would recommend him for their dental care to any one who needs a dentist.

-Sandi D.

At first I didn’t know for sure if I really wanted Invisalign or even to get my teeth fixed. I, however, was having difficulty reaching some of my malaligned teeth and gums with my brushing and every time I flossed my gum in that area it would bleed. After I saw how my teeth would look after completing my Invisalign I become convinced that it was worth it. Now after completing the Invisalign I am glad I did. Not only are my teeth and gums healthier, but I love my “perfect” smile which gives me more confidence and I don’t have to worry about what others will think of my teeth. I have also had several compliments on my teeth and smile from people who didn’t even know I had my Invisalign treatment.

-William L.

After abruptly losing my 4 front teeth I was encouraged to consider implants. Good decision on my part as a result of good advice. My front 4 teeth look, act and feel like the originals probably would have. The process was performed in a short amount of time and most importantly for me, it was a painless procedure. Dave, you’re a top-notch operator with an equally top-notch staff. Your friend Dick G.

-Dick G.

Invisalign has helped me be more confident with myself. I’m not afraid to smile and laugh. And it was so much easier than having braces because I didn’t have to worry about my appearance. No one knew I was wearing them unless I told them, and now my teeth are straight.

-Grant P.

Dr. Gimer: Thank you for putting in my implants. The implants surgery was near painless likewise, the healing process. I was able to eat a healthy diet during the healing process too. With the implants in place it was like having my own teeth. I can’t tell I have them in my mouth. It is a great feeling being able to eat and chew normally and naturally again. Even my facial feature have improved. The implants are truly great. Thank you again Dr. Gimer and Staff.

-Janice A.



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